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In-house processing

With the help of our In-House processing, the mail sent via CMS is delivered accurately and efficiently on time which enables us to pass the Postal sorting.

When the services of CMS are used, you ultimately get the speed of first class mail at low rates.

This is all possible due to the time savings of In-house processing, whether they are Newsletters, Brochures, annual reports or IPO’s, they will always be delivered to their final destination the fastest possible way.


Our system gets you the cheapest rates from the already existing set-ups in the market. CMS utilizes the services of different sources for the delivery of mail keeping the lowest possible postage costs.

International Services:

We’ll ensure that your mail gets to its destination even internationally. The CMS system enables the delivery of your mail even across continents.
Our international alliances /partners help us provide shipping and hand delivery services to all our customers. Whatever and Wherever the mail needs to be delivered CMS will make sure it reaches its destination on time.

Speedup Delivery:

Our speedup delivery will enable you to send your important items to the desired destination on time with special care.

Our delivery services with the help of our international network, alliances and joint ventures of specialized facilities provides you with fast and on point delivery to any location internationally or nationally.

We have a wide range of options for urgent delivery services as well. If your package needs some extra care or needs to be delivered urgently overnight, we have facilities to accommodate such situations.

Collating & fulfillment:

At CMS, we will ensure that your project gathers together excellently. We give your mail the final finishing touches and special attention to detail, we gather and assemble it for you. Our aim is to make your job easy even if you work with multiple entities, we will manage everything from the start to finish insuring you complete efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Media mailing

In this digital era media is an essential part. We will provide you with the lowest postage rates for your media. Gathering, Assembling and Packaging of any sort of media such as CDs, DVDs & Media drives. We will manage it for you and insure their safe and accurate delivery.

Publications & manuals

We will inform you about the special rates for you if your mail qualifies for it.

Such as publications and manuals which are stapled, glued on or even bonded, these might fall into the Postal bound printed matter which can be posted at a special low rate.

We will help you qualify for these special discounts and inform you about matters related to special low rates.

Screening & security

In today’s environment, security is a very key element. We have special programs which have been flexibly designed while working with a few main security conscious organizations internationally.

Our programs are specially made flexible to adjust according to any organizations screening /inspection needs. The program is modifiable to cope with constantly changing threat levels both internal and external.

Database verification

One main component of our efficiency is that CMS eliminates data errors which in return saves a lot of time and resources, special checks and counter checks are performed before performing your job, verification process are carried out to verify the address and zip codes used which is also cost effective for your returned mail.

Accurate delivery

At CMS accuracy and efficiency are points of focus. CMS provides you with the lowest market rates for the delivery of your packages & mail.

Our Post program technology counter checks for errors in addresses and change in addresses This helps in mail delivery accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

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