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Pick & Pack – We Take Care of Details!

As you know we at CMS are precision and detail perfectionist’s in all our dealings, We simultaneously pack boxes, fine tune presentation folders for advertising companies and ship.

Each time we endeavor into it, we do it correctly, each and every time. We also handle shipments, mailing and trucking services.

CMS offers a very detailed service of Pick & Pack, it is geared towards companies /organizations who want to count on us for a reliable trustworthy order fulfillment of any merchandise whether that be Printed matter, parts bank, jewelry or apparel. We never disappoint or annoy our client by incorrectly packing the goods.

When you chose CMS, we can confidently tell our clients to blindly turn the details over to us when they chose are PICK & PACK services. We work with top speed and efficiency to package the materials as per the clients specifications to fulfill the orders. We confidently fulfill all your packing needs.

Our services include assembly, kitting, sorting, stuffing, folding, repacking, labeling, inspection and shipping.

We cater to the needs of any industry. At present, we are working with cosmetics, fashion, promotional item, international printers, financial institutions and on the technical side, computer and mechanical parts bank and are successfully servicing them.

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