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We eliminate the hassle of mailing, fulfillment, sorting and delivery for our customers. We are known for reliable mail services, domestic and international air freight, pick & pack expertise – particularly for internet order fulfillment – but also for any on-demand orders. We also do fulfillment and provide warehousing storage as needed.

We pay attention to details, and deliver your materials as precisely as you specify. Use the menu buttons below to explore our full list of extensive services and the industries we serve. We look forward to getting to know your needs – and serving you at the highest level.

We at CMS are dedicated towards our  clients satisfaction and needs. We provide our clients with the best hassle free services of mailing. We take care of their documentation management , gathering  and finally delivering it to its destination whether domestic or international .  We not only provide reliable PICK&PACK services specially for the online order fulfillment but also for the On-Demand orders aswell along with all these CMS services we also provide our clients with the best and cheapest warehouse storages as well.

As we are totally dedicated to our customers specific needs. We give special attention to detail on each and every job .  The delivery process is carried out with extreme care and precision for overall efficiency and customer satisfaction .

Our list of extensive services are mentioned below .

Our priority is always our client.

Mail Services

The USPS sorting is detoured by In-house processing which saves a lot of time. When the services of CMS are used you ultimately  get the speed …

Courier & Trucking Services

Distance is just a number , we can move your items /package regardless of the distance
Either you need to send your package ….

Facilities Management

At CMS we provide our clients with a state of the art document management centers which helps our service facilities to fit our clients needs….

Air Freight

Air freight services are now being provided by CMS .We understand your requirements , which maybe that the the customer is the focus ….

Pick & Pack

As you know we at CMS are precision and detail perfectionist’s in all our dealings , We simultaneously pack boxes , fine tune presentation….


We can arrange to store your goods, merchandise or cargo in house. We’ll store them to your exact specifications. And we can even arrange to deliver….

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