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Mailroom Management

CMS provides mail room management Rather than hire, maintain and manage mail room staff, CMS provides Mailroom Management services. We support our clients in the delivery of core business services by offering a turnkey printing or document management solution tailored to your specific needs. The services offered can include printing, copying, collating and finishing capabilities. We work with you to design the system according to your needs. And we’ll also oversee the hiring of the staff as well as the management of the staff.
Our expertise. Printing and document management are our core skills. We follow best practices when hiring and training staff to work at your facility. You end up with a top-notch facility and skilled workers while outsourcing the responsibilities.  We can even help you with equipment choices and application solutions. Because we are independently owned, we have no obligation to any manufacturers. Our goal is to make sure the facility meets and exceeds your needs!
Here is a list of some of the services we can provide
  Print room staffing and management
  Mailroom staffing and management
  Document imaging
  Mail and package screening
  Messenger center staffing and management .